7 Pillars of VICTORY !

We believe:


1) Foundation is set solidly on the rock of JESUS CHRIST ! 

There is no other name by which we will be saved. Jesus is our rock.


2) Bible is the infallible Word of God, to be taken in it's entirety. 

We don't get to pick and choose which parts we like and we don't like. We preach and teach from the whole Bible and show you how to apply these principles to your every day life.


3) Praise and Worship with complete freedom. 

Whether you like to sit , stand , lift your hands, jump up and down, or run the aisles - we encourage everyone to worship and praise the Lord our God in complete freedom - following the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  There is no judgment here, no shame, no condemnation.......nothing but love, encouragement, and strength!!!


4) Place of Encouragement and Strength

We believe in the principle that "iron sharpeneth iron".  Victory is a place where you can arrive defeated, stressed, worn out from the worries of the world, but through prayer, praise, fellowship, and a healthy dose of the Holy Spirit - you will leave encouraged and strengthened to go back out into the mission fields, having put on the full "Armor of God", ready to get to work for His Kingdom.


5) Missions Focused

Victory believes strongly in missions work.  The first 12% of every dollar that comes into this church is set aside for missions work.  We are ACTIVELY involved with many local, national, and international missions projects. Click HERE or on the Missions tab above to learn more.


6) Full of Joy in the Hope of the Lord

While we believe we must always uphold God with the utmost in reverence, we believe that it is OK to have fun in church.  Jesus Christ died for the remission of our sins.  He came that we "might have life and might have it more abundantly"....not more money or more "things" - rather more love, more peace, more hope, more JOY !!!........Church should not be boring, it should not be cold or disengaging.  Church should challenge us, bring us closer to the Lord, help us to grow in our personal relationship with HIM, inspire us, motivate us, and prepare us for His triumphant return.  Victory is a passion filled church, full of Joy and Hope in the Lord and we endeavor to be honorable to God and to seek His Holy Spirit in all that we do.


7) Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray

At Victory, we believe strongly in the power of prayer.  We encourage you to submit your prayer requests.  We put them on our prayer wall and as God answers prayer, we move those requests to our Victory Wall.   God is alive and He still answers prayers !!!   


We summarize those 7 pillars with this simple, but meaningful phrase:


Jesus IS my rock, serve gladly and pray !!!


Come experience VICTORY in your life......Thursdays at 7:00pm or Sunday mornings at 10:30am.


Come feel the love, the excitement, the joy, the comfort, the peace, and the hope in a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in an encouraging, loving, and family friendly environment.  You won't be disappointed, but you may be overwhelmed!


For your personal path to Victory, please click HERE or click on the "Path to Victory" tab above.



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